Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Temple Run App Review

One of my friends told me about this app to get. This app is a game in the App Store for the iPhone and iPad. She told me the concept of the game but I never heard about it before. She was talking about Temple Run! I downloaded this app on my iPhone, which then went on my iPad thanks to iCloud! I played this game, as you probably guessed, so let me begin the break down.

Download and size

I downloaded this app on my iPhone while being on 3G, so it did take a minute or two to fully download the 19.5 MB app. Do not worry, the size, 19.5 MB, is the same for the iPad. After it was finished, I opened the app.

The Graphics

The graphics of Temple Run is not the greatest, but it's not the worst either. While the game is only 19 and a half MB, I did not expect anything spectacular. With what the game is all about, the graphics aren't important. I do got to say, you need to have a good eye or a bright scene without any interference because it is hard to see some of the obstacles. If you don't see it, you will lose, no doubt.

The Gameplay

The beginning goes quick, so starting the game will take no time at all. You click play and the game begins. When you first play, the game does a tutorial on all the moves you can do. They are simple moves. You swipe left or right to turn left or right. You then swipe up to jump or swipe down toward you to slide. You then move your device up or down on its side, it directs the person in the game. After the little tutorial, you are on your own with the gameplay. I played it and got quite far. This is me, so I don't know for sure but I honestly think it does, but the person you are playing goes faster when you keep playing. It would make sense as it would make the game more difficult. While the obstacles are repetitive, they do not get old as the game switches between them so you never know what is going to happen next.

Grab it or Stab it

Temple Run is a pretty addicting game once you get use to it. I got the game on my iPhone and iPad and I played the game on each device. While some may disagree and it may be quite shocking, I prefer to play this game on the iPhone. It is a smaller screen, but you can control the person better, BUT it is harder to see. If you have both devices, I recommend to put this app on both and see which one you like better. The best part of the whole thing is Free! Grab this app and try it today!

To download Temple Run for free: click here

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