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Mobile Mouse Server and Lite App Review

Mobile Mouse Server for computer

Mobile Mouse Lite for mobile device

During my freetime, I always like searching around the Apple App Store. It could either be on my MacBook Pro, iPhone, or iPad. I can open the store and search for at least an hour. While searching in the Mac App Store, I stumbled across one app that was under the "Utilities" category. Its icon is a simple mouse with a few symbols around it. The app was called, "Mobile Mouse Server" and the one for your mobile device is called "Mobile Mouse Lite (Remote/Trackpad)". I love the trackpad on the MacBook Pro, but I was thinking about buying a mouse during the end of 2011. It was just a phase as I didn't end up buying one. There are two main reasons why I didn't buy one. The first one: I really do not use my MacBook Pro on a hard surface as it is usually on my lap. The second reason is simple.....Apple mouses are quite expensive. While my journey to getting a mouse was over, I came across this app. I read through the description and realized that it is pretty intriguing, not to mention, revolutionary. One problem about this app is that you need to download it on your computer and on your mobile device. Do not worry, it is free. I downloaded it on my computer and on my iPhone and I quickly went to "work". After trying to figure out how to use it, I came use to it. I used this app quite a few times and I am ready to give my review!

Download and Size:

This app in the Mac App Store is .7 MB. Talk about being a small app! The download time for this app is too quick to even count. You click install and it's already done. Easy as pie! As I stated before, you have to download two apps. When you download this app on your mobile device, either for your iPhone, iPod, or iPad, it is 7 MB. It is ten times the amount of the one for the computer! 7 MB isn't bad in any sense, but it will take more time than the one for your computer (that's given), but it won't be anymore than a minute. I downloaded both apps and I jumped right into it!

The Graphics:

When you open the app on the computer, nothing shows up on the screen. What does show up though is a little mouse icon in the top toolbar. It is right by the Time Machine icon. It's a different story when you open it up on your device though. When you open it up, it first asks you if you want to upgrade to "Pro". I looked at the pro app and it has more features than the lite, but you have to pay for it. I would say to stick with the lite version as you will get out of paying! Pass the "Pro" opportunity and it then connects to your computer. I would say open the computer app first and then the device one. Once you do that, you can use your device as a mouse.

The Gameplay:

The device looks looks just like a mouse. You have to get use to using it. While you think you have to move it around like a mouse, you do not. You put your finger on it and move your finger across the screen to move the cursor. It is almost like the pad on any laptop, but it's not physically connected to your machine. I will give you an example on how to use it. If you want to open then internet, just click on the internet you are using with your device. There are two little buttons on the bottom of the screen (left and right buttons). I sure hope you know which button does what on the mouse. You click on the internet icon and it opens. Once it does, move the cursor up to the url bar. Click on the toolbar. I must tell you, if you are on one site and moving to another, it is pretty tricky to click on the whole url. I got use to clicking at the very beginning of the url and then holding the virtual button down on your screen. Drag your other finger across the screen to highlight the entire url. Once you finish that, you can then type. Now, there are two different ways to type. You can either type on your computer OR you can type right on your device as a keyboard will pop up. You just punch in a site you want to visit and you are good to go. Literally, you do not have to use your keyboard or mouse pad on your computer. If you are typing up an e-mail or something else, you would want to use your keyboard, but the device takes care of most things you want to do. It even has a scrolling piece on the screen. That is for those lengthly articles that you might be reading. When you do not want use it anymore, just exit out of the app on your device and then click on the mouse icon on your Mac and and click "Quit". Whenever you want to use it again, just open both apps!

Grab it or Stab it:

If you are looking for a mouse to use and you do not want to buy one, this is a great solution. The device turns right into a portable mouse that you can easily put on your lap while your computer is not in reach. If you do not want to spend a penny, you can go the free route, but if you want to spend a couple bucks, you can go Pro and get more features. The only downside is that you need some sort of mobile device to connect to your computer. The app for the computer is able to run on a PC, but you will need to fetch an iPad, iPhone, or iPod to act as your mouse (Now I do not know if this app is for the Android market, but if you are interested, you can search and let me know). I can only imagine what this would be like while using my iPad as my mouse. It could land me in an almost-heaven state! In conclusion, I am telling everyone to: Grab it! This app can be helpful and be entertaining depending on however you want to use it!

To download this app from the Mac App Store: Click Here

To download this app for your mobile device in the App Store: Click Here

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