Friday, December 30, 2011

Account Tracker App Review

When I received my iPad 2 back in April, one way I wanted to use it was to calculate my finances. I searched through the App Store searching for that one app. I came across the "Account Tracker" app. It looked like it would do everything that I wanted, which was: calculate all of my different accounts through my income and expenses. It sounds like a pretty easy thing, but I didn't want to pay for something. I got the free version, but it only lasted for 30 transactions. It was nice to try it out. After trying it, I realized that I needed this app. I bought the app and here is the review:

Download and size: If you are looking to download this app for your iPhone, then I am grateful to announce that this app is only 2.3 MB big. It will take a matter of seconds to download! If you are looking to download this app on the iPad, you are looking at the same size of 2.3 MB!

Gameplay: This app is not a gameplay app by any means. I mean, this is all about your finances. When you first open the app, there is an easy set-up that shouldn't take you that long. After going through the settings and how you want to track your accounts, you can go ahead and start tracking your money. You can transfer money from one account to another. You either post a gain (income) and loss (expenses) and you can label it on whatever it might be. Say you paid $20 for dinner. You would post a -20 in the account and say it was for dinner. It is that easy! It tracks all your accounts and gives you graphs to show you if you are in the red or black of each week, month, and year. It also tells you what you spent the most on during the week, month, and year. The only downfall I have for this app is the mobile devices. Let me explain! If you use it for your iPad and want to transfer this to your iPhone, you have to save all of your accounts in "Dropbox". You go on the app on your iPhone and have to open it up. If you don't know what you are doing, you might get a little lost. After transferring, if you post a gain in one of your accounts, it will only update that account on one of your devices. You would have to say and upload it on your other device. It will get pretty tedious after awhile. As a result, I transferred it over to my iPhone, from my iPad, and I now do it all on my iPhone. Plus, I have it on the go and can update it whenever I want.

Grab it or Stab it: If you are looking for a serious finance app that calculates all of your income and expenses and is easy to use, I would, without a doubt, say to grab this app! The app only cost $2.99. While it seems like a lot for just an app that tells you your income and expenses, it is very helpful. You can see exactly where your money is going, so you can make good financial investments on everything you buy. With how the economy is, this app would be great for everyone! Grab it!

To grab this app for $2.99: click here

To grab the free version of this app: click here

Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Brothers In Arms 2: Global Front Free+ Review

Brothers in Arms 2: Global Front Free+ is a pretty intriguing app for the iPad and other Apple devices. I saw this app while exploring the App Store searching for a great war game. There are some great apps that fit that category, but they usually cost something. The ones that do not cost anything aren't the greatest war time game. I stumbled over this and thought it looked pretty good, so I downloaded it.

Download and Size: If you are downloading this on your iPhone or iPod, the size is only 272 MB. That is not big at all, so the downloading time shouldn't take that long at all. If you are going to download it for your iPad, it is the same size, 272 MB, so there is nothing to worry about.

The Graphics: Since this game is free and a pretty small download size, I wasn't sure how great the graphics would be. After firing up the game and getting right into it, I realized how amazing it is. The graphics look awesome, in my mind. What I like about it even more, when playing on the iPad, is that you feel like it's right in front of you when you look at it. It is a sight to see. There aren't any glitches at all. I liked that in itself.

The Gameplay: This gameplay also shocked me. When playing on the iPad, and maybe on the iPhone and iPod, it feels like you are right in the game. To move left from right, you move the device back and forth. Now, I think you don't have to have that feature on, but I turned it on and I recommend that you do too because it makes it even better. One thing that you do need to work on is the buttons on the screen. While you move around, you tend to bump some of the buttons on the screens. Those buttons cause you to shoot, which diminishes your ammunition. You have to get use to it. One thing I did have trouble on is how to crouch down. There is one part where you have to crouch down so your opponent doesn't see you. I couldn't figure it out and was getting shot at a couple of times. Just play around and you will figure it out. Walking gets pretty sticky after awhile as your hand gets cramped while using the "virtual" control stick on the screen. I went through a couple of levels before I died, but I enjoyed it the entire time. It is addicting and a blast.

Grab it or Stab it: This game is a grab it for sure! There are a couple of key reasons why! First, the app is free, so you don't have to pay one penny. Second, you can act like you are actually in the game and move around to look where you want. Yes, you may look like a goof doing so, but people may get a few laughs about it and it makes the game so much more enjoyable. Lastly, the graphics are sweet, so it doesn't look like it's cheesy at all. Grab this game as you surely won't be disappointed!

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The Sims FreePlay App

Since I am a huge Sims fan, I figured to do my first Reading Review on the newest Sims app that came out. This app is called "The Sims FreePlay". This app is for the iPad and iPhone. I was searching through the App Store on my iPad and this app caught my eye. As I stated, I am a huge fan of The Sims. Now, I am a fan of the regular style game where you can control the virtual people. Face it, there are Sims games out that make you go through obstacles. It really doesn't give you a wide range anymore. Since this app says "FreePlay", I knew I had to get it!

Download and Size: This app isn't quite a big deal when downloading. The iPad version is 409 MB while the iPhone version is 408 MB. While that may seem like a lot, I downloaded apps that were larger, so I wouldn't sweat over the size of this. Now, my internet connection isn't the greatest as I know it's slow compared to others, but the downloading time wasn't that bad. If you have to do something like make lunch or change the laundry or whatever else you may need to do, I would say download this item before you do the activity. Once you are done, the app should also be done downloading.

The Graphics: I do have to say that this is one of the better graphic apps I have seen. I have seen some pretty cheesy graphics on some apps, but this is the complete opposite. The game opens up with a little zoom and tour of the city that you will be playing. It is just like "The Sims 3" zoom. Watching it on the iPad is a real treat. I was practically oozing watching the tremendous site on the screen. I loved it!

Gameplay: Now if I was reading a review of the gameplay of this app, I would think, "Why do we need a recap of the gameplay since it's "FreePlay"." I don't want to burst anyone's bubble about this app, but, sad to say, this game is not "FreePlay". Once you start the game, it tells you to make a person. I understand and I was fine with that. I then moved my person into the house like it told me. Well, I was excited to make my virtual person do whatever I wanted, but you can't. In the game, there are goals that you have to fulfill. These goals, if you don't fulfill them, you will not get anywhere. The first goal, for me, was to shake my dog's hand. I did that. That wasn't a problem. But, the second thing was do buy a toilet. I was fine with that too because my person really had to go to the bathroom. After he went, the goal was to wash his hands. I fulfilled that. I now wanted to buy some "goodies" and make my guy have fun....well, I couldn't. The buy button is locked to whatever it wants you to buy. For instance, the toilet was unlocked because I had to buy one. The stereo was then unlocked because it told me to buy one. I couldn't buy any microwave or a night stand or anything else. This game isn't really "FreePlay" at all. The game kept giving me steps and goals on what to do next. When it told me to make a neighbor for my guy, I pretty much popped. I don't understand how this game is called "FreePlay" if you don't have any free range while playing. I want to do my own thing.

Grab it or Stab it: After playing this game and having both positives and negatives about the game, I decided that I would recommend everyone to: grab it! This isn't a huge downloadable app, so it doesn't take up much space. The graphics are awesome and the sound is great! Do not be fold with the name as this game is anything but "FreePlay", but if you like The Sims, I would tell you to give it a try (even if you like the regular style games). Not to mention, the best thing about this app.....IT'S FREE!

Comment on this review to tell whether you got this app or if you are willing to try it. I am taking suggestions for my next review! Until then, stay technology savvy!