Friday, December 30, 2011

Account Tracker App Review

When I received my iPad 2 back in April, one way I wanted to use it was to calculate my finances. I searched through the App Store searching for that one app. I came across the "Account Tracker" app. It looked like it would do everything that I wanted, which was: calculate all of my different accounts through my income and expenses. It sounds like a pretty easy thing, but I didn't want to pay for something. I got the free version, but it only lasted for 30 transactions. It was nice to try it out. After trying it, I realized that I needed this app. I bought the app and here is the review:

Download and size: If you are looking to download this app for your iPhone, then I am grateful to announce that this app is only 2.3 MB big. It will take a matter of seconds to download! If you are looking to download this app on the iPad, you are looking at the same size of 2.3 MB!

Gameplay: This app is not a gameplay app by any means. I mean, this is all about your finances. When you first open the app, there is an easy set-up that shouldn't take you that long. After going through the settings and how you want to track your accounts, you can go ahead and start tracking your money. You can transfer money from one account to another. You either post a gain (income) and loss (expenses) and you can label it on whatever it might be. Say you paid $20 for dinner. You would post a -20 in the account and say it was for dinner. It is that easy! It tracks all your accounts and gives you graphs to show you if you are in the red or black of each week, month, and year. It also tells you what you spent the most on during the week, month, and year. The only downfall I have for this app is the mobile devices. Let me explain! If you use it for your iPad and want to transfer this to your iPhone, you have to save all of your accounts in "Dropbox". You go on the app on your iPhone and have to open it up. If you don't know what you are doing, you might get a little lost. After transferring, if you post a gain in one of your accounts, it will only update that account on one of your devices. You would have to say and upload it on your other device. It will get pretty tedious after awhile. As a result, I transferred it over to my iPhone, from my iPad, and I now do it all on my iPhone. Plus, I have it on the go and can update it whenever I want.

Grab it or Stab it: If you are looking for a serious finance app that calculates all of your income and expenses and is easy to use, I would, without a doubt, say to grab this app! The app only cost $2.99. While it seems like a lot for just an app that tells you your income and expenses, it is very helpful. You can see exactly where your money is going, so you can make good financial investments on everything you buy. With how the economy is, this app would be great for everyone! Grab it!

To grab this app for $2.99: click here

To grab the free version of this app: click here

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