Sunday, February 26, 2012

Tiny Tower App Review

This review is the fast growing game titled "Tiny Tower". This game is located in the Apple App Store as well as the Android Market. I never heard of this game until someone told me to download it. They showed me the game on their phone and it looked alright. After a couple days, I downloaded it to try it out. I have to say, I am glad I downloaded it. I will give you the full lowdown right here on "Tiny Tower".

Download and Size:

This game, as I stated earlier, can be downloaded on any mobile Apple device as well as from the Android Market. I can easily say that I do not have access to the Android Market as all my devices are Apple products. However, the app from the App Store is 13.5 MB large. That is smaller than some of the other apps I reviewed, but it's not a big number at all. It didn't take too long to download. I would give it a couple minutes and you should be ready to go!

The Graphics:

When I heard what this game is about, I figured it could be in animation or look real life. Since it sounded more as a kid game, I figured it would be the first. The graphics aren't anything to die for, but they aren't terrible. They are doable. I actually do not mind the graphics at all. In fact, I like them. The game is very simple so it does not need all of the high tech graphics that other games have. It's an animation cartoon style graphics and it fits perfectly with the game.

The Gameplay:

For those who never played this game before, or never even heard of it, I will give you a complete run down of the game. When you first open the game, you get a tutorial on how and what to do in the game. The tutorial is pretty long. I thought I would be playing after the first few steps, but it proved me wrong. The tutorial is very helpful though and it gives you a good starting place when it actually lets you play on your own. When you are on your own, it's basically like a business style game. A fun and addicting business game though. I could not put this game down! It's just like Roller Coaster Tycoon or The Sims. You start with one floor and quickly add a couple. You can add either apartments or stores that deal with retail or services. You can place restaurants and recreational places in your tower. Make sure to balance it out though. I will give you a hint, make sure you have enough apartments and people when you build stores. The people who live in your apartments work at the stores you build. You assign them and you better make them happy. The people have skills and that tells you where to put them. They even have dream jobs. Once you build your own store, money flows in. This money will allow you to upgrade your store or elevator in your tower and it will allow you to purchase new floors to make even more money! The game gives you stats on how well you are doing as well as how the people in the game feel about their living and work area. It's just like FaceBook, but it's called BitBook. That is their place to voice their opinion. Where you make money, you also have to spend money. You don't have to spend it though. I am talking about the bucks. You get coins from the sales you make, but you also get bucks. These bucks come to you when someone who rode your elevator gives you a tip. So, make sure you drop them off at the right location without any mishaps! You also get bucks when you build a new floor. A fun way to get bucks is through searching. Sometimes there will be a blue button that pops up at the bottom of the screen. If you click on it and search for the person the game wants, and find them, you get a buck. It quickly adds up! The best, and worst part, is the game keeps going even when you don't play. Make sure you check in often! The stores will be out of stock and they won't make anymore money. You have to refill the items. Do not forget! You just might forget what time it is and what you have to do in your actual life when you play this game!

Grab it or Stab it:

This game may be called "Tiny Tower" but the time you play this game is not tiny at all. Time flies while you play this. Like me, hopefully, you will just keep checking in and playing. It becomes really addicting. You want to make that money. You want to build your tower and you want to beat your friends! I would, totally, recommend this game; therefore, "Grab it"! Of course there is an age limit. I see young kids or older playing this, but I can't see adults. I wouldn't be surprised if they do place this though as it's a fun, great game that really is addicting. Make sure you do the stuff you want to do before you play this! Play this during a commercial break or if you are eating or laying in bed. You will find yourself checking this game multiple times in one day!

To download this app on your mobile device in the App Store: Click Here

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